Coco Island – Soluzioni

Coco Island Activities

Miss Tardy – answers

1 Read the text and decide if each sentence is true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false ones.

1  Miss Tardy enjoys driving her bus in town.  (T)

2  Miss Tardy is always punctual when it comes to getting to work on time.  (F)

3  Miss Tardy goes to bed very late in the evening.  (F)

4  People wait and wait at the bus stop until Miss Tardy finally arrives.  (T)

5  Miss Tardy’s supervisor never calls her into his office to scold her.  (F)

6  Miss Tardy goes home and tells her father that she can’t seem to wake up on time to get to work.  (T)

7  Mr Tardy goes to a local shop and buys his daughter a very special gift.  (T)

8  That evening before going to bed Miss Tardy sets her alarm clock for five o’clock in the morning so she can wake up with plenty of time to get to work.  (F)

2  Choose and write the right alternative.

1  never

2  sometimes

3  continuously

4  never

3  Link the two halves of the sentences.

1  People are  (C)

2  Miss Tardy is  (D)

3  The supervisor’s voice is  (A)

4  Mr Tardy buys  (F)

5  The box is  (B)

6  The uniform is  (E)

4  Unscramble the following words from the text:

1  cutapuniylt → punctuality

2  merctuso → customer

3  tasfkearb → breakfast

4  yeltiadimme → immediately

5  tarepution → reputation

6  gerthaud → daughter

7  fulourloc → colourful

8  lyippah → happily

9  fourmin → uniform

10  derwonluf → wonderful

Miss Curly – answers

1  Complete with one of the words in the box.

1  hairdresser

2  washes

3  chauffeur

4  hair salon

5  flair

6  croissant

7  poor

8  manicurist

9  beautician

10  richest

2  Match the words to the pictures.

A  comb (4)

B  hairbrush (5)

C  scissors (3)

D  hairdryer (1)

E  hairspray (2)

3 Complete the sentences with can or can’t.

Miss Curly can’t pay in the doughnut shop but Mr Steer can pay for her. She says that she can’t accept, then Mr Steer says:
«Of course you can Miss Curly.  Listen, you can pay me back by giving me a nice haircut.»

4  Fill in the blanks with the correct adjectives.

Miss Curly has long, wavy, red hair and blue eyes.

Mrs Grey has short, curly, blonde hair and black eyes.

Miss Blossom has stringy, straight, brown hair and green eyes.

Miss Spooky – answers

1  Match the words and meanings.

A  to move or swing → 12  to sway

B  a person who invents → 1  inventor

C  ghostlike  →  7  ghostly

D  to laugh in a silly way  →  13  to giggle

E  a very large house  →  2  mansion

F  inhabited by ghosts →  5  haunted

G  a high steep face of a rock  →  3  cliff

H  a small hotel  →   6  Inn

I  a person who decorates  →  4  decorator

J  suitcases/trunks  →  9  luggage

K  horrifying/frightening →  10  creepy

L  a light fixture hanging from the ceiling →  11  chandelier

M  not knowing what to do  →  14  to hesitate

N  a man employed in a hotel to carry luggage  →   8  bellboy

2  Match the words to the pictures.

A  sheet  (7)

B  bed  (4)

C  pillow  (6)

D  tv set  (2)

E  chair  (8)

F  curtains  (3)

G  toaster  (1)

H  blanket  (5)

I  fireplace  (11)

J  carpet  (9)

K  reception desk  (10)

L  mirror  (13)

M  chains  (14)

N  chandelier  (12)

3  Complete the crossword puzzle.


1  maid

2  spooky

3  chains


4  fireplace

5  downstairs

6  foggy

Miss Wing – answers

1  Read the story again and number the sentences.

Early the next morning Miss Wing decides to go and visit the Louvre Museum. (4)

As the Japanese tourists move over to see the next painting Miss Wing falls to the ground. (6)

Before going to the airport, Miss Wing decides to visit the Eiffel Tower at about 3 pm. (7)

The next day, Miss Wing takes a plane to London.(8)

After she buys a ticket to enter the museum, she quickly walks through the exhibits until she finally sees the Mona Lisa painting hanging on the wall. (5)

She gives them extra pillows and blankets when asked. (3)

She helps the passengers find their seats and helps them put their bags and coats away in the overhead bin. (2)

Almost every day Miss Wing goes to the airport and boards a plane to go to another city. (1)

When she arrives in the city she takes a taxi that brings her to Buckingham Palace. (9)

At about 11 am, she goes to see the Changing of the Guards. (10)

2  Translate and find the following words in the puzzle:

1  assistente di volo  → air hostess

2  borsa → bag

3  accogliente → cozy

4  assonnato → drowsy

5  mostra → exhibit

6  guardie → guards

7  ascensore → lift

8  quadro → painting

9  valigia → suitcase

10  ala → wing

3  Choose the right answer.

1  Miss Wing works for:-

B Coco Island Airlines

2  On ______ she must fly to Paris.

C Monday

3  She decides to see:

A The Louvre Museum and The Eiffel Tower

4  Miss Wing boards the plane wearing:

C a pair of snow white gloves, a sky blue uniform and a matching hat

Miss Heel – answers

1 Read the text and decide if each sentence is true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false ones.

1  The owner of Coco Island’s most famous shoe shop is Mr Heel. (F)

2  Miss Heel is short, slim and has blonde hair and blue eyes. (F)

3  Miss Heel isn’t a very organized person and she is never able to find the shoes she needs when  she is serving a customer. (T)

4  One day, Mrs Rose, the florist, walks into the shop looking for a nice pair of red shoes with very low heels for a special occasion. (F)

5  The next day Mr Fix, the mechanic, walks into the shop looking for a nice pair of shiny elegant black leather shoes. (T)

6  Mr Salad, the farmer, walks into the shoe shop and asks for a pair of yellow and green trainers. (F)

7  Miss Heel decides she needs some very good advice so she goes to her favourite relative, aunt Mary.(F)

8  Miss Heel’s aunt shows her how to put the shoeboxes in alphabetical order in the shop. (T)

2 (a)  Write the opposite of the following words taken from this story:

1  marvelous → insignficant

2  organized → unorganized

3  comfortable → uncomfortable

4  remember → forget

5  smiling → cheerless

6  fortunately → unfortunately

7  quickly → slowly

8  every time → never

9  perfect → imperfect

10  urgently → unnecessary

11  suddenly → gradually

12  misplace → find

2 (b)  Match the words to the pictures.

A  trainers (4)

B  shoes with high heels (5)

C  sandals (1)

D  ballerinas (3)

E  sneakers (6)

F  leather shoes (2)

3  Match the words and meanings.

A  sells fruits and vegetables (4)

B  cooks delicious dishes (7)

C  sells something (1)

D  works with flowers (2)

E  works in a police station (9)

F  repairs motorized vehicles (3)

G  goes to school and studies (8)

H  works in a hospital (6)

I  flies a plane (5)